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The History of Bathtub Resurfacing

The bathroom renovation industry is growing rapidly, as more and more customers seek to update their bathrooms with modern amenities and luxuries. This trend is particularly evident in the global market, where customers are increasingly drawn to the pleasures and relaxation that a well-appointed bathroom can provide. Manufacturers of plumbing fixtures (Kohler, Moen, American Standard, etc.) have taken notice of this trend, and are now producing products that reflect it.

Their offerings include vibrant color selections reminiscent of past generations, as well as smooth earth tone accents that reflect contemporary style trends. These products are not only stylish, but also highly functional, and are sure to appeal to a wide range of customers seeking to update their bathroom.

Replacing VS. Refinishing

Bathroom remodels are a standard in just about every American home. Though many people would like to update their bathrooms with modern fixtures, there is often an appreciation for old world charm when looking at antique bath items that still exist today. The industry recognizes not only the importance but also beauty behind refinishing vintage plumbing fixtures- rather than replacing with a more modern one.

There is also the chance that a replacement of the bathtub will break a bathroom remodel budget, in these situations refinishing can help get the look you want without the expensive cost of replacing a bathtub fixture.

Major Changes in the Bath Industry

The 1960s saw major changes in the bath industry, with plastics gradually replacing vitreous china and porcelain plumbing fixtures. Fiberglass tubs became popular as they are cheaper than cast iron or pressed steel models while still being able to meet high standards for durability; terrazzo shower bases were also replaced by plastic resin ones during this decade.

The Start of the Bathtub Refinishing Industry

The bathtub refinishing industry as we know it was born in the early 60's. The 60's saw a plethora of innovations in the field, with many different brands coming onto scene offering products that would bring customers back time after time - all thanks to these innovative founders who were willing take risks for potential rewards! In the early 60’s porcelain refinishing companies like Ark®, PermaCeram® and Lik Nu Porcelain entered into a booming business.

These brands became successful on their own merit, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start up in this industry with franchises. These companies were designed and set up as franchise and business opportunities, selling the rights to their name and products that they would recommend to their refinishing dealers and service providers.

Napco®, a company that would later be known for their bathtub and tile refinishing products, was started by Frank Miore of Electro-Glaze® in 1976. This new business venture marked the beginning of an era where distributors could sell directly to commercial customers without any royalty costs involved!

Choosing the right bathtub refinishing Company is key!

The bathtub and tile refinishing industry is not what it used to be. There are currently about 3500 companies in North America, around one third of these are franchise groups, some of these companies have given a poor reputation for an otherwise fine trade along with independent suppliers who conjure up clever marketing strategies designed solely at getting existing businesses switching over to their product lines without providing any proof or evidence as to how their product is better. When inferior products are used to refinish a bathtub, it will fail 100% of the time.

Newer companies that are trying to make their way in the bathtub and tile refinishing industry can get taken advantage of by less-than reputable suppliers. These unscrupulous businesses prey on unsuspecting new arrivals, claiming improved products or shortcuts through a process which is often false (or at least not what it seems). If something sounds too good be true - chances aren't great for success!

This is why it is important to do your due diligence when trying to choose the right bathtub refinishing company for your project.

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