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Condition & Repairs

When choosing to resurface bathtubs, tile, or countertops you have to take into account the current condition of the surface.

What is the current condition of the surface?
  • Is it structurally sound?

  • Is there any rust?

  • Is there any chips or scratches

If deemed not structurally sound or the repair cost out weigh the savings what next?
  • In these situations we highly suggest replacing instead of resurfacing.

*The following video shows an example of a bathtub and surround insert that we recommended be replaced instead of resurfacing. The cost of the repairs out weigh the benefits of resurfacing, in these situations we recommend replacing the insert.

If it is structurally sound but in need of some light repair you will have to account for these as well.

What repairs are needed?
  • Where is the repair needed?

  • What is the extent of the repair needed?

  • Is the repair a surface repair or a through crack/hole?

*The following pictures show the types of repairs we commonly make before resurfacing. On the left is a puncture hole from something being dropped in the bathtub, this type of repair can be made before resurfacing. On the right is a through crack, the crack is around four to six inches in length and has very minor flexing in the damaged area. This type of repair can also be made before resurfacing.

*The following picture shows the type of damage that can be repaired on porcelain bathtubs.

Once the condition is inspected and considered repairable the technician will repair the damaged surfaces prior to the resurfacing process.

*The following picture shows the repair made to the through crack shown previously.

After the repair the technician will begin the resurfacing process. The end result is a like new finish with no signs of the repair.

* The following video shows the shower after the resurfacing process.

Repairing and resurfacing instead of replacing an insert like this one saves you time and money. Repairs and resurfacing typically cost one third the price of replacement, that's why we say if its still in good condition...


Bathtub, Tile, & Countertop Resurfacing

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