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These instructions are to help serve as a guide to protect your newly resurfaced bathtubs and countertops. When cleaning your new surface

DO NOT USE harsh chemicals, such as:

  • Scrubbing Bubbles

  • Ajax

  • Magic Erasers

  • Undiluted Bleach

  • Products Containing Abrasives


We recommend using lighter, less abrasive cleaners, such as:

  • 409

  • Windex

  • Fantastic


  • DO NOT use suction cup bathmats!

  • DO NOT use bathtub appliques!

  • DO NOT wash pets in bathtub!

  • DO NOT wash laundry in bathtub!

  • DO NOT use scouring cleaning pads!


  Cleaning your new surface regularly is the best way to extend its life. Take care when choosing products to clean your surfaces. Please report leaking bathtub faucets to maintenance prior to service date and after as our warranty will not cover damage caused from this.

Failure to follow these instructions can lead to unnecessary damage that WILL VOID the warranty.

Please call or contact Anew Surface with any questions, thank you.

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